Saturday, August 25, 2012

this i know

howdy do! so yeh, it's been almost a week since i blogged..who cares!? I just wanted to give a big thank you to all who entered in my 100 follower giveaway and to those blogger babes who donated! congrats to those who won...i wouldn't be too sad, because it looks like another giveaway is set for when this baby reaches 200 which isnt too far away!

so actually living my life this week, not entirely on the comp...

This week this is what happened:

i have entered giveaways, been stalking new blogs/bloggers and leaving them love comments, which one of them is my newest sponsor-Lacey of And they call me mommy---nice little plug-in huh? haha. I had a last hurrah shopping outing with my caregiver Maria and her daughter, little P. Maria's gonna be a SAHM while little P just started pre-school!! Im gonna miss them so much, especially, little P, my little twin, my little shadow.

I've been soaking up Godly knowledge as I am reading "the practice of godliness" by Jerry Bridges. It's been my fave current read at night.

I've done a few snail mail letters/notes this week and had a nearly hour long google hangout video call with my new friend Millie from Colorado. (ok, so that was on the comp)

I wrapped up the last details of the giveaway which many of you know takes ALOT of work and time!!

talked w/my aunt sharon in Texas for 30minutes one night. talked with my partner in crime James for 45 minutes last night..i guess I've been chatty, something that's not the norm.

watched the Hunger games on dvd..thanks to my caregiver chila whose son bought her the dvd...and while watching that, gave me the idea to dress up as a Capitol resident for Halloween! what ya'll think? I think it would totally fun to dress all colorful, eccentric and have some bold & bright make-up, which i could most likely emulate.

you all may remember how emo i was feeling a couple weeks ago...well today--ive got a proclamation of things i know for I know that God is working in our lives constantly, even if we dont see it.

God has a plan for all of us and He reveals bits at a time. God guides our lives and leads us to people that we need to know, that we need in our lives or that we need to be in others lives for a special reason.

The past few days, actually, past week, God has shown me true connections that could only be from Him. He has blessed my life once again with leading me to establish good connections. Part of me saying this stems from this post by Pamela, of It's me again, pamela. It's partly due to the sisterly bond i have come to know with certain women of God, certain lovely bloggers or people I've had the opportunity to network with.

Plus, the bonds that I already have only getting better and closer overwhelms me in a good way, like laughing with my mom over me taking a picture of a blue plastic fish. 

Or laughing at the truth with a good friend who understands me as I him, that even when we feel alone or lonely, we want to be left alone, but not really. Just having someone "there" without talking is all we need at the moment. No prodding questions. Just patience and presence.

I am so thankful that our hearts have the capacity to  grow in love; that the love we know now is not the limit...not the end.

I am glad that my life can be molded and reshaped as God transforms me.

I am happy that I can see with my eyes really open [most of the time]. That I can see the beauty of love & kindness from a stranger's sincere smile or genuine, "hello, how are you today?"

these are things I know for sure.

this I know today,
i am happy.
i am happy that i get to live this life.
i am happy for life.
i am happy to celebrate the little moments and the big moments.

thank you for joining me. What are some truths that you know or are realizing today?

Now, go eat some ice cream and hug the ones you love, just because.


Alli said...

I love the idea of dressing up as a capitol resident! You could have serious fun with a costume like that.

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

I love this! We have so many reasons to be happy!

sophistifunk said...

yay for being a fellow arizona blogger! :) i'm in tempe! and there are SO many reasons to be happy, i really love this post. and, i also just spent an hour stalking your blog, i love it and how positive and faithful you are <3
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

Pamela said...

Hey Soul Sista - you are so sweet to mention me and my blog in your post - and I thank God for our friendship and the honor of being able to call you my sister in Christ.

Megan said...

a captiol resident would be so so cool!! i can't wait to see pictures :) and i really love this post too for all you said about what you know. i needed that reminder especially this last week