Saturday, August 11, 2012

creativity & compassion

This week, i came to the realization that I need to tap into my creative stores again. I've been feeling a bit depleted in this area that I once used to thrive in. I mean, I do consider myself a creative person: writing is creative. taking & editing pictures are creative. card-making is creative. applying makeup is creative. Still, I feel as though I am lacking. 
experimenting w/color on my model Linda. TA-DA!

Doing creative things is like therapy for me. You know what i am talking about, those of you who have hobbies such as crocheting, smashbooking, painting, cooking, etc. Such creative acts are relaxing, offer peace and are productive, plus, it's a self-learning process.

Since I can't afford to go to one of those fancy-schmancy spiritual, creative getaways or workshops, I am gonna take baby steps into that direction of finding my happy creative self again.

First activity- doodling with markers. I used to draw ALL the time. what happened to me?

-I will  meditate for just 5 minutes every day in peace. No reading, no being on the laptop, no phone. close my door and not be interrupted. close my eyes and take deep breathes. just be in silence. just be. here come the Ohm's.

-I will do creative writing again: poetry, stream-of-consciousness type stuff, just because, about whatever, even if I have no intention of publicly sharing these writings.

-i will list what/who i am thankful for.

with all of these things, it's gonna take time to get into a habit of. i can't do everything at once, like almost things, it takes time. Overwhelm-ness can set it, but it can't if i just focus on one aspect at a time. i can start with one step and then continue on to steps 2 and 3 and 4 and so on until I am leading my true creative self life.

Sometimes being creative shows how much you care for someone else, and the following, my friends, is how one man thought outside of the box (like i wouldn't think to do this)...

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that i posted a link about this story (thank you mom for sending it to me!) that surrounds the most sweet display of compassion in a photograph: a man named John Unger holding his shepherd mix dog named Schoep in the water, as a form of therapy to help the dog's arthritis filled body. Poor baby!

Oh my. the photos and this story of a friend doing anything he can to help make his loyal companion comfortable and have a better quality of life just tugged at my heart! It fills me with joy that people from all over have anonymously helped Mr. Unger, who is doing the best he can,  to further treat Schoep medically, even without knowing him. This kind of love and service just really shows the good nature of most people and that makes me happy.

what can we learn from this? I really do believe that our furry friends KNOW when something is wrong. I have my own testimonies to back this up. Dogs and animals are a great example of what and how friendship should be. they'll always be there for you. they always listen. they like to go where you go, be where you are. Friends and dogs, can save your life, literally. I think i'll always remember the photo of Schoep & John in this article and the wonderful story that Mr. Unger didn't expect to reach thousands of people.

And if you like winning things like i do, make sure and check out Danette's blog, All My Love for All My Days celebration giveaway going on now!


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