Monday, August 20, 2012

Jesus. Mercado. Rubio.

jesus, mercado and rubio. 
you might be wondering, who are they? did i visit the hood today? hahaha NOPE! 
well, they are what my weekend consisted see, my mama and i first made a visit to Berean Christian bookstore. I havent been there in about 7 years and wow, they have so much neat stuff besides books. Jewelry, items for your home, children's books, games, music, tee shirts, and books of course, keychains, pens and magnets. This is a great place that is centered around Jesus Christ! I noticed that they were having a scavenger hunt for kids there---and the cashiers were so friendly and helpful. I picked up a few gift items and my mom got me a silver ring that is engraved, "saved by grace through faith" with Ephesians 2:8-9 on the inside of the ring..i love it! I've been wanting a decent quality ring for my thumb! can't wait to go back.

next, we stopped at World Market. I thought i might pick up a pair of earrings for a future giveaway, but instead i gravitated toward to the food& drink area and ended up grabbing some candies as gifts from different countries: italy, the UK and a couple bottles of old fashioned cute in their glass bottles! I love this eclectic store!

after the market, we went to Rubio's for lunch. I wasn't too hungry, so i just got one grilled chicken taco. it was pretty loaded and i ended up eating it with a fork and knife lol. I took some pics for fun.

---BLOGGER is not letting me upload all my pics that i wanted..may update later, but for now, this is the post! and i had a pic of a plastic fish too! hahahahah

I also went to the movies with my friend Tessa. we saw Paranorman. I laughed and kinda "ewwed" at some parts. There were alot of kids there with their parents or families and I thought that some parts of the movie or script was inappropriate for kids younger than 6 for sure...however, just like with Spongebob, some things that are said just swoop over their heads thankfully. We did enjoy the movie though. Im not so crazy about animated films, but this one is a LIKE and would see again on dvd.

Oooh and i must mention that I got snail mail from a dear blogging friend that totally made my day!! Thank you No..el!

and let me back track to friday which is was friday fun day with my twin C. We had SUCH a fun time hanging out and talking. She stayed for dinner and us 3 (us and my nurse/friend Heide) were laughing so much, I was crying...talking about weight loss, relationships and gingers lol. 

Our friend pam couldn't make it, but me, her and C are going to read this series of books by Jerry Bridges and then switch with each other when we are done. I decided to pick "The practice of godliness" and I've read two chapters so far and am so loving and learning so much. C ended up staying til about 7:30 that night and we laughed because the day just flew by, next time she ought to plan to spend the night on the couch!

Overall, this weekend was one of the BEST weekends i've had this summer!! Thank you Jesus. world market. Rubio. Mom. C. No..el. Heide. Lorraine. Tessa.

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Anonymous said...

I went to a Rubio's in L.A. when I went there is May. It was soo good!