Wednesday, May 1, 2013

i heard the lies. the truth won.

Since being sick, it has made me take a time out and not be so wrapped up in my normal activities such as being online, blogging, emailing & taking advantage of social media.
I guess that's one good result of being sick.
It forces you to take a time out, rest, be reflective.

I sure have done alot of deep thinking & day dreaming in the past couple of weeks.

Even amidst my more quiet-er, slower days, I have heard such busyness & loud chatter in my head.

words of worry.
               "I hope I don't hurt his feelings."
               "I hope I don't have pneumonia." ( I don't! so YAY!)
               "Will they both find a good, full-time job?"

words of fear.
               "I don't want to live my life alone, anymore."
               "How can i really talk to him & make our relationship better?"
               " I am scared of their potential reactions & thoughts."
words of doubt.
                "Am I wasting away my God-given talents?"
                "Maybe love is not all you need. Maybe I am not enough."
Then! I realized that I was allowing my mind to tell me these lies.
How sneaky the evil one tries to persuade us of these false, discouraging things.

Maybe it was like that because I was in a more weakened state, vulnerable, emotionally, spiritually, mentally & physically?

Those are the kinds of times it seems when people are under attack the most. maybe?

Frankly, I did feel pretty bogged down for days in a row. Not feeling myself. Not feeling cheery. Not feeling talkative. Not really enjoying being in company, but rather isolated.

But as sure as the sun rises, those feelings crept away.

I began to see the rainbow after the rain.

The brilliant truths emerged! At least, I believed them. I saw them, once again! 

Even in a state of distress, whatever that may be: sickness, debt, relationship status, etc, there is always something to be thankful for. There is always something to make us smile & let us know it's going to be ok. It may be "bad" now, but there is a promise of better days to come! We can still enjoy the "now." We can be ever present in what is happening in our lives & look deeper into ourselves & see that life is a gift.

I am always ready & willing to surround myself with those who seek goodness & wisdom. I am appreciative of those ( & often unknowingly) who point me in the right direction, the direction to God!

Without my faith in Him, I would not be who I am. And I like myself.
 Like everyone ( i assume) , I have parts of me that I wish to improve.

Just earlier today, I realized that my heart was not so quick to be kind + selfless.
I immediately noticed that and I felt humbled with silence as I knew that I can do better. It bothered me that that was my initial reaction to a kind request.
I was silenced because I saw that my heart was a bit ugly.

Is there anything/characteristic that you know you need to work on?

It's such a beautiful thing that our human capacity to love, to serve, to be selfless, to be honest & caring can grow. isn't it?

If only we could all see each other & ourselves as God sees us, His children, what a wonderful view that would be.

I mean, we are all pretty amazing! :)

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Amanda said...

Love this post.
I agree.. you are pretty amazing. :D

Lynne said...

Thanks for encouraging others who are also going through some temporary "darkness". I wish I could remember where I read/heard this so I could give credit.....but I don't, so here goes. When Satan comes around there is just one word you have to say to him....(as I read this, I assumed the word was Jesus....that's the Sunday school answer for everything, right? ha) and the word is LIAR. That covers everything, and he has no response to that. I have actually (when I'm alone of course!) said it out loud, and rather loudly,during moments of doubt. It works for me!

So glad you are feeling better!

Lynne said...

Me again (waving)

I just read my daily devotion that I get via email from Max Lucado. It talked about truth (and lying) so it made me think of your post again. Enjoy your day! (Quote from Max Lucado - UpWords for 5/2/13 is below)

For the Christian, deception is never an option. It wasn’t an option for Jesus.

Isaiah 53:9 says, “He had done nothing wrong, and he had never lied.” His every sentence true. No cheating on tests. No altering the accounts. Not once did Jesus stretch the truth. He simply told the truth. No deceit was found in His mouth. And if God has His way with us, none will be found in ours. He longs for us to be just like Jesus.

Proverbs 12:22 says, “The Lord hates those who tell lies but is pleased with those who keep their promises.” Why the hard line? Why the tough stance? One reason is that dishonesty is absolutely contrary to the character of God. God always speaks truth. When He makes a covenant, He keeps it. When He proclaims the truth, we can believe it! Because He cannot be false to Himself.

holli said...

I always have room for improvement. I am blessed abundantly and can never take that for granted.

Julie Marie said...

this is beautiful brittany. its true we all do have beautifulness in us and we all have areas we need to work on. I think its a good thing though when we learn to recognize it, especially when its right away like you did! Because that gives us opportunity to grow! love you!

Martha Woods said...

What a lovely post! This is such an excellent and timely reminder. Thanks for your honesty and encouragement to everyone who is going through a dark time! Sometimes I get in a blue funk and I struggle to be thankful for everything I have. When I stop to think about it I feel a bit ashamed for that, because I've been blessed with so many things that others don't have--health, a family that loves me, a job, etc.

ChatterBlossom said...

Agreed! I think we are all pretty amazing too. ;-)