Saturday, August 24, 2013

all about betsy

hey hey hey! happy weekend everyone! What are you up to?

I am excited for you all to meet Betsy on this wonderful saturday! She's cool and she's got a cool blog by the way of name, Musings of a Museum Fanatic. I mean, it's quite literally a perfect name for her blog. I just love it. I thought it would be fun to have a little Q & A with Betsy to get to know her better.

Without further ado...

 1. Because of your blog name (which i love btw), we know you are a museum fanatic. When did you become a museum fanatic? What is a dream museum you want to visit in your lifetime?
Visiting museums has always kinda been a thing in my family.  I can remember going to the Museum of Science and Industry when I was younger along with the Children's Museum allll the time when we lived  in Minnesota.  Hmmmmm I've actually kinda been to my big ones, the British Museum, the Louvre and Colonial Williamsburg but I'd really like to go back to all of them.  When I was on those trips I didn't get to spend as much time at them as I would have like to.   

2. I have to ask :) Did you enjoy the movies, Night at the Museum?
Of course!!!  When it came out I remember being like dang I wish I could sleepover at the museum and then my mom reminded me that I have done that before!  When I was in girl scouts we used to sleep over in the Bell Museum of Natural History.  I remember there was a huge cast of a bear track or something on the floor and I tripped over it one year on my way to the bathroom, it hurt a lot!

3. What are your fave treats or comfort foods?
Favorite treat is totally ice cream.  I also love Reese's.  Comfort food I'm a big pasta person. Probably my favorite comfort dish would be my Grandma's Mac & Cheese Casserole.  It is like the perfect "curl up on the couch I will eat the whole casserole dish myself thank you very much" food.
4. I see that you have a love of reading as well, what is a book you are currently reading or the last great book you read?
I'm actually reading three books right now.  The Happiness Project (had to return it so I'm waiting for it again haha), The Third Coast (interesting book about Chicago) and Do More Spend Less

5. Any fave quotes you'd like to share?
"Life moves pretty fast if you don't take the time to look around once and a while you might miss it."
"Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K"

6. top 3 movies you can watch over & over again?
Star Wars Trilogy
Anything Disney Princess (seriously I will watch them all)
Easy A 

7. I love hearing how a couple met. How did you meet your hubby? What's the best tip you could give on marriage that you've learned so far?
We actually met online.  It's kind of a funny story too.  This one is actually kinda hard, I took a while to sit and think about it.  I guess I would have to say it's ok to argue, we do it a lot about stupid stuff but it's more important that you both realize it's stupid and work to fix it together! We do a lot of that too and hugging it out!     

8. what is something random we wouldn't know about you by reading your blog?
I played the violin for 14 years

Wow! Isn't she so fun? Thanks Betsy! Can you take me with you when you visit the Louvre and British Museum!? lol. I love British things! And Ice cream?! Yes, please! My favorite is mint chocolate chip. Girl, if I had the physical book of The Happiness Project, I would totally pass it on to you, but I have it downloaded on my nook. I think sometimes we all get so wrapped up in the busyness of life, we forget that the little things and the simple things can make us truly happy.

Go stalk and find Betsy this weekend if you have spare time hangin out around the house :) She might become your new bloggy bff!

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