Friday, August 23, 2013

hometown glory

There is just so much going on. This week has been so busy. On Tuesday, James & I went to the dmv and waited for 45 minutes to find out that even our expedited ticket was not going to be called for at least 3 more hours! We decided to leave & go back next week, so I'm sure I'll blog about that!

Now, I am quite excited to share how my last sunday went. I got to go visit my hometowns and visit each of my parents, and a couple of my best friends's parents as well, with many special thanks to my friends James & Tessa who came along with me to help.

I rented a van for the day and the van itself was so nice, spacious and drove smooth. Plus, the tie downs to secure my wheelchair were top notch. Renting the van from this particular company was much more affordable than taking a taxi across town, one way being over $100!

We got a late start sunday morning, so we were behind schedule all day, making sure to fit in our four stops! I wish I had more time!

Also, not part of the plan, was picking up my cousin on the way to my mom's house, so that took a bit of extra time, but no problem at all as we were on our way! Just gotta roll with the punches! I haven't seen my cousin Izz in many years, at least 5! I was happy we were able to pick him. Oh the freedom with this van!

Once we made the long stretch out to the east valley, each of my family's stops are all in close distance to each other so it was easy to fit everyone in, but of course, time flew by!

Get ready for lots of photos!

1st visit-lunch at mom's house

awhh the babies love emme

Who's that? Oh that's my baby picture!

me & my pretty cousin visiting from back east

yogi loves nana now! ha ha

2nd visit-dad's house

james's new best friend

look at bogey's cute face

3rd visit-C's mom's house
special delivery for mama rosa

4th visit-dinner at paco's parent's house

i love this pic

and this one too.

I am so grateful that the day worked out with no problems. I am so grateful to my friends who came along, even to meet some people for the first time, stepping out of their comfort zones.

I am so grateful that I got to spend time with my family and got to see our dogs! Everyone that we visited, I have missed being at their homes. Yes, I love when they come to visit me at my home, but being there is different & cozy.

I can't wait for my next visiting adventure! It was such a blessed day.
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Martha Woods said...

Looks like you had so much fun!! What a busy day.