Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodwill Brittany

look ma! haha. James and I went goodwilling. I haven't been to a Goodwill in about seven years! that's so crazy! I know some people cringe at the idea of wearing or using something that was used before, but man, just throw that stuff in the washer/sink and let those germs be killed!

There really are some quality treasures waiting to be found among the racks!

Honestly, I'll tell you that I am planning to wipe down and clean my two purses that I got.

I get really excited when I might find something that is well preserved and if it's is name brand and cheap, then that's a bonus!

Here are the following items I found today that were a pretty good deal to me. None of my purchases were orange colored tagged, which meant they were only $1 for today, but still pretty good. Now if you go on every other saturday when it's 50% off, well, that promotion can't be beat!

I spent a total of $14.36 for four items. Because a couple of the apparel items had something wrong with them (one I did not end up purchasing), like the cardigan missing a button, the cashier said he could offer me 20% off if I was spending at least $10, which I was.

The following alligator-esque, greige cross-body purse (no label on it) was $2.39!

This coral-ly, white polka dot cardigan from Old Navy was $5.99 before the discount/$4.79 after discount. Now, I thought that was super, because usually cardi's are between $15-20 each at least from certain well-known stores!
I am so ready for Fall time!
I didn't snap a photo of the super adorable yellow top I got, but plan to wear it soon and will defintely take a style photo.

Last but not least was the best deal of the day in my opinion.
This super chic tan envelope clutch from Nordstroms was only  $2.99 before discount!!! After discount, $2.39!!! that's insane!

I am so glad James spotted the above clutch. Cross-body purses and clutches are my favorite types of women's handbags!

What style of purse do you like? Have you ever been shopping at Goodwill? What was the best purchase you scored there? What kinds of items do you look for at Goodwill or other thrift stores?
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Chelsea Melrose said...

I have been wanting to check out the local Goodwill for awhile may have inspired me to do so this weekend!!! Great finds!

Chelsea Melrose said...

I have been wanting to check out the local Goodwill for awhile may have inspired me to do so this weekend!!! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

I've been dying to check out our local thrift stores to find a new desk. I've been beach distracted of course but beach season is almost over so I'll have lots of time!

still being [molly] said...

AWESOME finds, britt!! love that cardigan!

holli said...

That Nordstroms clutch is the bomb-diggity!! I love the cute cardigan too. Girl you will be styling high. I dont have a good goodwill nearby but i do have 2 other great thrift stores that i love. I havent been in a while so now i am inspired to go. Great finds!!!

Beach Bum said...

cringe at the thought... haha. shows what some people know. Half of those clothes I've seen are brand new and never been worn. and um there's a reason man created washer and dryer as well. smh. know.