Monday, August 12, 2013

sunday style + trials in life

I didn't intend for my last few posts to revolve around fashion, but it happened.
I didn't intend to only take a close-up photo of Paco's tie, but that's how it happened.

I didn't expect to be so tired last night, but it happened.
I didn't expect that I would sleep three hour intervals at a time, but that happened, and I am grateful.

What?! Only three hours at a time?
yes. oh yes. those three hours of sleep time were lovely. I only woke up twice last night, which is a rarity. I was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly too, and that was without taking ativan or valerian root either--not to make myself sound like a druggie either lol ( i say this lightly).

Yesterday in church, one theme talked about was trials. This topic really got me thinking. About trials, I've gone through plenty of them in my life so far. You too? Ok great, we can get through life together :) It's certain that there will be many more trials to come my way, however, I can be assured that I will never be alone through them, for God is with us, Emmanuel.

One aspect of trials is that it gives us an opportunity, almost a test, to be obedient to God and by doing so, we will see that he does not forsake us as we go up against our enemies or storms of life. His promises remain true.

D&C 98:14, "Therefore, be not afraid of your enemies, for I have decreed in my heart, saith the Lord, that I will prove you in all things, whether you will abide in my covenant, even unto death, that you may be found worthy."

Another aspect of trials is that they truly develop our character and we have the power to choose to see the lesson in that certain trial. We are made stronger (i know it sounds so cliche). We are made stronger not by our own efforts, but through Christ, whose joy is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). It might sound wacky to have joy amidst trials, but really, there is a joy, an everlasting joy that comes from knowing that in Christ, we can overcome anything as He overcame the world and death!

I was reminded this week that the commandments God has given us are for our own benefit. Just like our earthly parents, He wants what is best for us and teaches us through His word the way we should go and things we should do so that we are protected, loved and happy.

My challenge for myself is to choose joy and *try to keep my attitude in perspective as I face trials, being confident in my father in heaven that he knows me better than I know myself.

dress// downeast basics
earrings// oldnavy
clutch// goodwill, originally from Nordstroms
lipgloss// almay's color + care liquid lip balm in apricot pucker
 photo signature_zps68838d56.png


Anonymous said...

Love the way you styled your goodwill clutch from last weeks post. I think we will all always face trials, sometimes mine beat me down but I try to put on a smile anyway. As they say fake it until you make it. :)

holli said...

Trials Trials Trials! My life these last 7 weeks have been trials.
great post and cute clutch!

Martha Woods said...

Excellent reminder!

I love those earrings! I need to get a similar pair!

Amanda said...

Ah yes, Trials, been there, sure I'll be there again, I guess technically we are in the midst of one now.

Love the dress, super cute! Those earrings are amazing, and the clutch goes great with that outfit!

I've kind of been a lurker and tend to only read blogs once a week, or even every other week, I'm pretty bad at blogging, and reading, just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Hope all is well.