Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sunday style + current mani

In yesterday's post I mentioned the new maxi dress I got from Old Navy.

Well, today, the dress is revealed! Here are a couple photos of my outfit that I wore to church on sunday. You must think I am crazy for wearing a light cardigan of sorts over my dress IN AUGUST, but guys, it was chilly indoors with the A/C on. Since saturday, my part of Arizona has been cloudy and Sunday was for sure only in the low 90's for the high.

Once Paco & I got out of church, I took my cardi off, because it was just so lovely outside. But man oh man, how glad I am that I wore that and even my slippers to church because I was freezing inside the chapel! Yes, slippers. Call me granny. Oh well, I was pretty comfortable lol.

And for fun, I wanted to show you my current manicure, and by current, i mean that I haven't done my nails in about two months! I pretty much replicated the gel mani I got back in May. This time I used regular ol nail polish.

 yes I got some nicks in the polish! It never fails!

dress// oldnavy
cardi// target

Essie's marshmallow
Sally Hansen's complete salon manicure in golden rule #120

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jackie jade said...

love the manicure! and i bring a cardigan with me everywhere in the summer too because the ac makes everywhere freezing indoors!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, I use to wear a sweater every single day of the year when I worked in an office. That place was like a freezer!

JSBeautyAndStyleBlog said...

Lovely nails :)

Jaynie Shannon | UK Lifestyle & Beauty Blog
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Lynne said...

I sympathize with the frustration of nicks in nail polish! Truthfully, I don't use polish for that very reason - I have difficulty keeping it looking nice (I take gloves on and off all day at work, and wash my hands alot) and I finally came to the conclusion that I was just becoming too stressed whenever the manicure started to look bad (in a day or two). So...I gave them up. I still do enjoy an occasional pedicure though!

Katherine Nolden said...

I'm in the same 100+ degree heat in Texas and I always have a cardi or jacket with me too! It's crazy! But then again I'd rather be cold than burning up!

Martha Woods said...

Cute dress! And I love the mani! I need to do something similar. I don't know why I don't do glitter accents more often when I love them so much!