Monday, August 26, 2013

weekend news + giveaway!

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?

I have alot of news to share, but first I'll leave you with a few pics from this weekend's shenanigans.

I did a little shopping with my pals James & C at Oldnavy, where I got a striped blue maxi dress on clearance for $19.99 {Wore it to church. Pics to come tomorrow.} It wasn't that great of a bargain (imo), but James and I went in together to spend $50 and get $15 off, so in reality, I got the dress & a pair of earrings for $20.  C got some really cute button up tops & jeans that she looks so cute in! After ON, we went to Barnes & Noble and browsed around. Of course, I made a stop at the starbucks cafe for a strawberries & cream with toffee nut frap! I ended up getting a cheerful looking journal for a friend's upcoming birthday. It's always nice to spend time with good friends.

I'm following the lead of Chelsee, who is like a mentor to me, and mention a couple cool people that I've "met" through some exchange programs. I signed up to be part of the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network created by Chelsee. I am a Big to Kelli, a mom of a toddler, who blogs at She Crab Soup. She is a book lover like me and is living a dream life living near the beach! I've enjoyed getting to know her through our lengthy emails we've exchanged so far!

I also signed up for the Post Exchange put together by JustJacq.

I love meeting new people, making friends and snail mail! I got paired up with Renee. Because of the quick timeline of getting acquainted and life happening, we will a be little late linking up for the Post Exchange post. Hopefully we make it! And guess what?! If you want to join in on the fun, sign-ups start today, August 26th, for the next round!! Check out this post for all of the details of the Post Exchange. Bloggers and non-bloggers are welcome! :)

If you want a chance at winning some ad space, gift cards and earrings, then you should know that I am participating in a great group giveaway on Penniless Socialite's blog! check it and or enter in the rafflecopter below!
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  a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Anonymous said...

Aww I've loved getting to know you too! I'm glad you had a great weekend and I can't wait to see your Old Navy Maxi.

Lauren said...

awesome giveaway!!! Plus great deal at Old Navy, score!

Amy MariposaMedley said...

Great giveaway!

I am visiting from Penniless Socialite.

Mariposa Medley Jewelry

Lynne said...

Hi Britt - good to see you had a good weekend. I was a little under the weather, but am better now. My friends and I often pool our purchases to get a savings or discount - our most recent time was at a Thirty-One party - neither one of us had enough alone to get the extra $$ off, and it really wouldn't have made much sense to spend more. My sister-in-law was the consultant, and she kindly let us pool our orders. We then split the discount based on what percentage of the total order had been ours. I "only" saved $3, but hey, every bit helps! Have a great week!