Tuesday, February 7, 2012

as seen in a newspaper magazine

*Please excuse these poor quality pictures: taken from my cell phone.

For reals. I saw these two ads in a newspaper magazine, USA WEEKEND in the past month or so. Some of you may get PARADE, depending on the region of the U.S. you may live. Have you seen these?

FOR WOMEN-You can own two of these for only $16!! wait, what?! You mean I can get two of these AH-MAZING stretchy, comfort bras for that price? lol.

I think they are so funny. Now, I apologize in advance, but I do not mean to offend anyone whatsoever. It's just that these products, especially the women's bras seem a little cheesey ridiculous. I don't see how they lift the girls with no underwire? Also, the straps are really wide. Some of my tank top's straps are not as wide as that, so you'd see the bra. They don't offer a size A cup (poo)! I'd get lost, which reminds me of that scene in "the proposal" where Betty White is fitting her old wedding gown on Sandra Bullock haha. Then, these bras are just not pretty. I mean, i think they are uglayy!
Pros: they are good deal. 2 for $16
Cons: not for me

AND MEN, so you won't feel left out ,they have SLIMMING SECRETS for YOU for only $11.97! Trying to smooth down the beer belly? wanna look tougher and buffer? Then this is perfect for you!

Oh man, i got a kick out of these!


Jenna Knight said...

HA! I agree! Funny stuff!

Lauren Helen said...

Hahaha, gave me a little laugh for the evening. Have you seen the Emergency Bra? It separates completely into two pieces and has an extra strap so that in the event of an emergency you can take off your bra, separate it, and have two face masks. Can you imagine getting into the circumstance where a face mask would be required, looking to the stranger beside you and saying "Oh, don't worry about it!" take off your bra, and hand them half to put over their face?

I'm not even making this up: http://ebbra.com

This world is such a funny place x)