Sunday, February 5, 2012

valentine cards or just because

Many of you may not know, but i like to cardcraft! In fact, I sell my cards, mostly by word of mouth. If you are interested in buying a few cards from me, leave a comment or email me and we can talk details! I charge $1-3 per card depending on how much & what materials are used. Last week I started making valentine cards. These cards can be used for letting your hunny or hubby know you love them, just because. I bought a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper from an online scrapbook store called,, but sadly,they are going out of business! wahhhh! :( I had ordered from them for about a year, only because that is how long I knew they existed. Anyhoo, I can't remember what "line" this paper was from, but i love it. I cut out each playing card for my colorful cards.

Here are some that I made, which were featured in the giveaway this last week at my work blog,

The last one I made especially for my grandpa's birthday, which was the at the end of January. I mentioned him in my january-youve-been-swell post.

I know the saying is cheesy, but it made me chuckle and fits perfectly with my grandpa's personality.

Only nine more days until St. Valentine's day! I love this holiday. I don't care if you are single( I am!) Or married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Who say's that this has to be a lovers only holiday?! We can celebrate all kinds of love:spouse,friendships, family bonds, pets, neighbors & blogging friends! :)

Are you doing anything to celebrate valentine's day or to prepare for it? Making special crafts or baking scrumptious treats? In addition to these cards (i've also got a few to make for my siblings: it's tradition), I've made a couple picture frames and making wooden bead necklaces as gifts for my ms-misc girls, which i'll post later this week. Shhh, don't tell them I told you! lol.

Bye for now loves, I'll return again soon! Have a relaxing, great sunday!


Lauren Helen said...

So cute! I love making Valentine's cards, though mine aren't half as creative as that x) You've inspired me, perhaps I'll show a DIY for some simple cards :)

I've always loved Valentine's Day, even if this year is the first year that I'll actually have a boyfriend!

I've always enjoyed SEEING people in love enough that I look forward to Valentine's day no matter what!

Sue said...

These are so cute! I love to make my own cards and things. I handmade all the save-the-date cards for our wedding & it was so fun.

Brittany T. said...

*high 5 to us creative girls! we can do anything! :)