Wednesday, February 22, 2012

celebrity spotting, sort of

So it amazes me at the timing of everything. God's timing and how we are supposed to be where we are at whatever given time. and not only that, but perhaps the people we do meet:
Btw, I didn't know who these guys were at all. Total strangers to me.

Baseball player #1

I walked to the local grocery store w/my friend James two afternoons ago. We then stopped at starbucks before going to the bank. There was a few people in line and I couldn't get through, so James went in line to order for me. I waited to the side of the tables.quote via pinterest

There a girl in her 20's sat, with two other guys who took off somewhere else and the 4th guy of their party walked toward me on crutches. He had a broken foot or ankle. I did a double take because he seemed to be walking very near to me, slowly. I smiled at him and he smiled back and said Hi. A minute later, the girl at the table said for him to come sit down, in a foreign language, Korean or Japanese, I am not sure.

SO this guy kept looking at me(i could tell from the corner of my eye as I was trying not to eavesdrop even though i have NO idea what they were saying! lol). I finally looked him in the eye and asked if he played football, because I just KNEW he played that or baseball. He said, no i play baseball. I said, "pro?" He said, yes i play for the Mariners! Me: REALLY!? (in my excited voice). Omg, Im going to go see you play in two weeks. He smirked and looked down at his foot, "well I won't be playing, maybe not til June" I asked him, what happened and he said he fell. poor guy. He then asked me if I liked the Padres or Mariners better, because Peoria Sports Complex is both team's homebase for spring training. I said, either or, i just like going to the games, watching baseball, eh uh hum, HOT baseball guys! lol...and being with friends and enjoying the cheering crowds and all that. He laughed (i didnt tell him about the hot guys part though lol)..anyhoo, he was quite friendly. i admitted that I didnt know who he was, if he was like a top player or anything like that. I asked his name, but not sure if he heard me and he said Lau or something Low...and then again, im not sure if i heard him right!

So this is where I get crazy. I was like on a high. I googled-STALKED and clicked so many links trying to find an Asian player who was tall and buff and younger than 33. I posted about this encounter on facebook and my friends were making fun of me lol. My friend C said, "brittany, if you met Ichiro [suzuki] and didn't know, im going to be shaking my head at you lol", but for reals, I KNOW it wasn't ichiro. I can distinguish his face, plus he's like 39 and not as buff as this guy. Even James said that this guy was cute for an Asian guy, because no offense, typically Asian guys are shorter and skinnier. It was so funny. I literally spent 4 hours trying to find him/his picture/his name..looked at the minor teams as well, no luck. C is bringing 2 pairs of binoculars so we (me, her and pam pam) can spot him in the crowd when we go to the game! hahahaha.

baseball player #2{Mr. Eric & I}

today, I was transported to my pulmonologist's office for my routine 2-month trach change. The driver I met for the first time today is Eric. Him and I talked the whole time, pickup and drive which was a good 40 minutes. He is so cool and friendly. It was awesome because we have alot in common. The convo started with him asking me if I was moving out (because of the bags I gotta carry around on my chair whenever i leave the house) lol. We then talked about spring training, him wearing a baseball hat (boston red sox), college, are you an Az native, internet & ways of communicating, old friends, which lead to him saying he came out to Az from Ohio on a baseball scholarship to ASU. He was so good that he was wanted by the atlanta braves, but he declined because he tore his rotary cuff and he wanted to finish college and become a fighfighter (wow huh!) As we neared downtown phoenix, I noticed he had 2 books on his dashboard, one about the holocaust (whhhaaat I love those stories too and am currently reading "two among the righteous few" by Marty Brounstein, which I'll write about in another post) and a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer! Whoa, are you kidding me!? I love positive thinking advice and just last week my neighbor let me borrow one his books by Dyer! Eric is Christian (high-5) and def spiritual. We hold the same idea that just because you may not attend a specific church, doesn't mean you are less worthy or holy as one who does attend church every Sunday.

extra coolness is that Eric didn't think I was crazy or get freaked out because he agreed to take a pic with me and let me talk about him on my blog.

I hope he drives me again to my dr's appt in 2 months. I throw this up to God!
Despite being in pain today, it's been a great day! I love meeting new people and baseball guys are an added cherry on top of cake! ;)

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