Wednesday, February 29, 2012

makeup tutorial: bold red lip

hello my mon amies! How has your LEAP day been? Mine has been swell. I got to visit w/my grandparents earlier today. My gramps brought me peach iced tea...yum! And they also surprised me and brought their dog named Perla! She was recently groomed and had eye surgery and she came all spiffed out in pink today. She's a doll!her eyes glow too!
my nana accessorized her w/her own heart bling

I also decided to do another makeup tutorial today focusing on a bold red lip. I felt sort of inspired with a Paris theme, because of the shirt I am wearing today and I naturally thought of using red lipstick today. All I need is a beret?


Lauren Helen said...

So pretty - without a doubt, lipstick and black liquid liner are my favourite makeup tools. Lipstick is just so FUN! I have dozens of tubes, admittedly :P

Sue said...

Love the lips lady! Red is my favorite lip color.

Amanda said...

OKAY so you need to keep the tutorials coming- I am as some would say "mkaeuply challenged" I just dont have that inherent i can put makeup and look beautiful so I am usually found in a tinted moisturizer and mascara- This weekend tho I braved the makup application and did green eye makeup!! I am living on the wildside:)

Amanda said...

apparently I cant spell either lol:)