Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY: painting a wooden birdhouse

I know today's Wednesday and I *usually do an outfit post, but really, I haven't gotten fully dressed since Sunday and haven't taken pics of my outfits so we'll go with a DIY project.

I know Mother's day was a few days ago, but I wanted to share the gift I made for my mom.

She hinted a few months ago that she'd like a bird house for her front yard. We were in one of the craft aisles at walmart then and we saw the pre-made wood birdhouses. She showed me two that she liked and I told her I'd paint her one for Mother's day.

Here's the bird house painting process I did.

Birdhouse ~ $5 @ walmart
Various acrylic paints ~ .60-.97 cents each @ walmart
Stencils, brushes, burlap type string and modpodge I already had 
staple gun & clear spray paint supplied by James

This was my first time painting a birdhouse and the whole process from this 1st pic to modpodgey-ing it took me about 3.5 hours (including letting one layer of paint dry.)
What can I say, I like to pay attention to detail lol.

le house

 le paint
not pictured is a rose colored pink

le stencils. I only ended up using the dragonfly one

getting ready 

 scotch tape to the rescue for a clean line at the base

 drew and traced a bird. flipped it over for the other side.

 added little hearts for a whismy feel

 mod podge this baby. I used matte. let dry overnight.

next day, James sprayed it with a clear spray paint to seal it even more from the elements.

He also staple gunned some burlap type string on three of the sides and braided & knotted with adding a key ring so my mama could hang it.
All done! This little house will surely add some color & cheer to my mama's front yard!

BTW, she loved it! yay! :)

and this is in no way a sponsored post.
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Martha Woods said...

That is so cool! Funny, I was just looking at their birdhouses the other day and thinking about painting one. You did a great job :)

Amanda said...

So pretty!! I don't think I could make a bird house look like that!! I'm glad she liked it!

Amanda said...

Ah that is so freaking cute. You did a great job for sure!! :D

Lynne said...

It's beautiful! I really like the bird stencil, that may be my favorite part - but the colors all work together so well too. Better watch out, or your Wednesday outfit posts will have to become Wednesday craft posts, by popular demand. Also, genius idea to use a key ring as the hanger.....

My Spy Birdhouse said...

Painting your own birdhouse gets you to be creative and do whatever you like. Nice post.