Friday, May 10, 2013

newlyweds: A & E

A couple weekends ago, after six years, A & I saw each other. She and her husband E,were visiting from Florida. They are both brilliant in the accounting field. They wed in Hawaii last summer and moved shortly thereafter to Florida for their jobs.

I had never met E before, but heard good things about them since they started dating in 2008. From what I remember, A told me about E in 2007, when they had first met and were just friends.

A & I met in our early days of college. We quickly became best friends as I also befriended her sister W. A & I spent alot of time together because of our involvement with our college's honor society chapter PTK(Phi Theta Kappa): meetings, fundraisers, community service events, etc.

Us three ladies were always hanging out, meeting for lunch or shopping. Her & her sister used to pick me up together literally, into their little suv and then pick up my electric wheelchair into the back of their car. We'd crack up because they were skinny winny's but still had muscle!

I remember one time probably in 2005, as my health was declining, I wasn't feeling well enough to leave the house, so W & A brought me a salad from Wildflower, chocolate cake & some Godiva chocolate to celebrate my birthday. That is just ONE example of what good friends they were to me.

Ever since I met A, she has been such a bright light in my life. She'd call me flirt & all sorts of nicknames.

but after she graduated from college & well I got sick...and time passes and life happens.

We have kept in touch, but don't communicate as often as we did in college. but that's ok.

Seeing A&E and how happy they are together made me smile so much. I've missed A so much & felt so thankful that she & her hubby wubby had time to come see me.

I wasn't even nervous about seeing her or even meeting E for the first time.

I think that is a testimony to how well A & I click.

When E first walked in, he gave me a hug. He gave me a hug when they left too and by the time they left, I already knew that I considered E to be my friend too.

He says A is the princess of the house. I can tell how much he adores her. He is such a good, caring guy. A just beams with happiness.

They have such a cozy home, perfect for them! E showed me pics on the tablet. He also showed me photos of their two cute dogs, Lucky & Spock. I relate to Lucky because he has scoliosis too! Those babies are in good hands because A & E are wonderful pet parents to them & love to spoil them. A wrote me in an email one day last year they they feel that their dogs were sent to them to prepare them for children! haha

With them still being newlyweds, I asked A, what was the best thing about being married?

She replied, "just knowing that you always have someone there. someone on your side."

It was great catching up and just visiting. Three hours was not enough. The time went by so fast.

They brought me a gift. A pretty sparkly, pink Swarovski star keyring. it nearly matches my tattoo!

I wrote to A and told her thank you and that this keyring will hold the key to my future home with my husband, wherever & whenever that may be, or (maybe just my home?)

A & E's love story certainly inspires me.

 it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid [silly] with them.
---Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love A & E and can't wait til they visit AZ again!

*silly (my words)
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Becca Acker said...

What fun pics! Sounds like they are precious friends!
P.S. Cute new blog design and name :)

Martha Woods said...

Looks like you had such a blast! Three hours really isn't long enough to catch up. And I love the RWE quote--it's so true!

Lynne said...

So glad you had a chance to catch up - time elapsed doesn't mean anything to true friends, they just pick right back up. I really like the last photo in your post, of all 3 of you. You look great in your glasses!

holli said...

what a great time with great friends. So glad you had a nice visit.