Tuesday, May 21, 2013

love is prevalent

how life truly is fragile.
even when people are injured, hearts broken, spirits tried, the love between humans is so prevalent.
I love that there really is more goodness in the world.

how could I not say something about recent events. even if I am here in AZ, i want to help. I wish I could travel easily and volunteer there, but
I can pray.

I am sure just about everyone has heard about the horrific tornadoes that swept across Oklahoma. I know of tornadoes, seen the destruction they do to communities whether on the news, in the movies or in photographs of a magazine, but for this one, this one that happened yesterday felt different to me.

Maybe because it dozed through a school that was filled with children.
Maybe it is because my old friend from junior high, Holly, and her family live in Moore. (they are safe!)
Maybe because of hearing some witnesses firsthand accounts; hearing the fear and worry in their voices.

Not much to say other than love wins. hope is present. help is on the way.
prayers and positive thoughts are sent toward you all Oklahoma and to those who have family & friends there.

my mind & heart is with you.

If you are interested in helping, even if you are states away from OK, grace of grace for gayle wrote a post today with some helpful info!

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holli said...

Its so sad. Texas is doing all we can to help.