Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hey holli!

Today, I am going to gush about a fellow blogger who has turned into a dear friend that I correspond with regularly when I'm not in la la land lol. She is one of my biggest fans and is one hot mama from Texas! yeehaw! I love Holli because of her honesty, terms of affection she uses such as hunny, and for just being so fun. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she shares a love a coffee like i do.

I am so excited for her because she is getting married this August and is in full-on wedding planning mode! Everyone, I'd like you to meet Holli of Holli's Hoots and Hollers who also happens to be one of my lovely sponsors.

Are you a music lover? Then you might be interested in linking up on Holli's blog every tuesday for Tuesday's Tunes. It's a great way to discover other bands or songs you've never heard before or revisit some songs you haven't heard in a while, like this one day a few weeks ago and chuckled when I heard Men without hats's "safety dance." 

thanks girl for taking me back!

I did a mini interview with Holli. Let's get to know this Texan beauty more.

 1. I see you love 80's music. I instantly think of MJ's Thriller. just curious, do you know how to do the thriller dance? I do know the thriller dance

2. What is your favorite quality about your soon-to-be husband & why? His sense of humor. He makes me laugh everyday

3. What are your fave sweet treats? Ice cream and pecan pralines

4. What is a book you are currently reading? Do you even enjoy reading? lol. I love to read. I read everything . I'm currently about to start a book written by Johnny cash called the man In white

5. Any fave quotes or scripture verses you'd like to share? Proverbs 31:25 is my power verse and thinking if getting it tattooed
6. top 3 movies you can watch over & over again? Steel magnolias , Forrest Gump , wizard of oz

7. what is something random we wouldn't know about you by reading your blog? I'm pretty open on my blog but this is my first time to be married and I couldn't have kids due to bad plumbing .

you can connect with Holli via twitter or pinterest! say hello, i know she'd be happy to hear from you!

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holli said...

YOu're a sweetheart for posting this about me and such sweet words. You're a blessing my friend!