Monday, May 6, 2013

over the weekend

my weekend was lovely + laid back minus the fact that my stomach pained me both saturday & sunday mornings! but today, so far so good! I am so relieved!

Friday: my friend Rosa came over and did my toes! Aren't they cheery? They are a hot pink with white polka dots.

My mom called them strawberry cupcakes. Sofia called them Strawberries, just need green for the little vines.

they look orange but are pink
Saturday: I got to see my mom--that day spent with her since we won't get to see each other Mother's Day weekend.

I cannot WAIT for her to open her package this coming sunday. I put the special contents, one being a specially painted birdhouse that she wanted for her frontyard, into a big box. I didn't have enough pretty wrapping paper on hand, so I ended up using kraft paper & drawing flowers on the paper. I then wrapped/tape pink satin ribbon around it tying it with a bow. I also taped her card to the side of the box. that too was also handmade.

I want to post photos of the process of painting the birdhouse the way I did and also the card I made, but we'll have to wait til after the 12th! :D

My mom makes me laugh and is such a beautiful, strong person. I love her mucho!

So what did we do on saturday? We did one thing we do best: SHOPPING! went to TJ Maxx + Barnes & Noble/Starbucks & with a chicken ceasar salad to-go from Paradise Bakery.

Only bloggers would take a photo of their salad before, but i did AFTER I devoured it! yum.

While at B&N I got the updated & revised edition of For Women Only: What you need to know about the inner lives of men by Shaunti Feldhahn. There's also For Men Only: a straightforward guide to the inner lives of women.

Part of me feels like I've read it before in my college days, but reading this book (again?) made me feel like I am reading it for the first time.
view of my exciting saturday night!

It probably has to do with the fact that I am older and wiser. It's also probably because I am more ready & able to understand this book and what Shaunti points out in the "inner lives of men."

I am nearly through with the book but want to go back and take notes on some things. It's not about changing our men [God wired men & women differently for a divine reason], but learning from this book to change us women, if need be, so that our romantic relationships: dating, engagements and marriages are better enhanced and run more smoothly.

Sunday: spent with my stomach hurting so bad! I was wondering if the waves of pain I was experiencing were like those of pregnant women going through contractions? if it's close, good golly I TOTALLY sympathize!

After that went away, i felt so worn out--pain & nausea, I took a almost 3 hour nap. Did some couponing, called one of my besties H and mindlessly enjoyed watching Once Upon A Time, Revenge & Red Widow!

How was your weekend?
Do you watch any of those 3 shows?

I was so into them that I felt compassion for Regina! darn Tamara!, surprised Takeda got cut out & happy that Jack still pines for Emily & nervous of what Nicolae may do to the daughter or Marta!?

Oh the suspense! Can't wait for next sunday night!
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holli said...

I LOVE Revenge but didnt watch it last night. I have it Dvr'd. I'm sorry your stomach hurt so bad. That sucks!! Spend as much time as you can with your mom. Mine lives very far away and i am so sad.

Amanda said...

I love Revenge! And I watched Red Widow, I did not see that twist coming...

jackie jade said...

love your toenail polish - it is too cute. and i'm a fan of once upon a time as well!