Wednesday, May 8, 2013

what I wore wednesday: striped skirt + printed shirt

If you watched my vlog last thursday, you would have heard me ask about a rusty colored striped skirt I own and what color of top you thought it'd go with?

Well, this little outfit I pulled together below involves that skirt & the theme of growth.

We're gonna be digging deep here. [no pun intended]
Wait, you mean, this isn't just a fashion post? haha, nope.

rolling out of my comfort zone forces me to grow.

In this case, expanding my horizons from the clothes that live in my closet.

I decided that I would confront the task of selecting this skirt to wear & brainstorm with what I had in my closet, what shirt to pair with it?

Hmm. Hmm.

Top pick: this fading printed park scene top that I scored from Urban Outfitters years ago.

Never in my adult life have I mixed prints.

Why is that? I asked myself.

With every question & thought that ran in my mind, every answer & reply was based on fear.

Was I not confident to pull that off?
I think the girls (namely 2) will tell me they don't like my outfit/skirt/top.
and i don't feel like dealing with their negative comments.
Why not brittany?
You're a creative person. So many people have commented in the past about how stylish you look, you can do this.

So with this sort-of self-talk, I decided, enough is enough.

I am tapping into my creative core & not caring what others think.
I am dressing the way I want, even if that means experimenting with color & prints and patterns that don't fit into "their" box or even my own box/mindset that I've been routinely sticking to these past 4 years..playing it safe.
Boldly going forth

You may not know, beloved reader, but my life is very predicatable.
my day to day is quite routine (HEY! that could be a whole separate blog post!) & you could say I am a creature of habit.

I mean, I eat the same foods for breakfast 94% of the time.

But you know what? there's some creative spark that is kicking to grow into a great bright flame.

there's something going on inside my soul that is wanting to branch out.
that is eager to push the limits that I've set upon myself.

and I am not just talking about fashion either.

For too long, I've kept quiet (not being assertive) & watched my tongue.
I am not saying that I will all-of-a-sudden become mean & rude, but rather voice my opinion when someone insults me or gives their unnecessary opinions.

My friend Cortni from junior high wrote on her facebook page at least two years ago,

"it's better to be kind than right."

I'll always remember that.

It's going to be a bit painful becoming a pro at being assertive. I avoid conflict like some incurable deathly disease.

But like that old sayng, No pain No gain.

I need to grow. I am tired of feeling like I am in the same place.
I believe it's part of God's plan for His children while they living this Earthly life.

I also want to take a more active role in my faith journey.

I cannot even tell you the exact day that I opened my Bible.

Yes, I pray nearly daily. But I want more, again. I want my heart to be opened more to God's love & to learn more of His ways so that I can be an answer to someone's prayer perhaps. I want to be strong enough to help others when they are in need.

It's time me for to go and read the Word and take some notes!

And all of this stems from challenging myself with what I will wear with this orange striped skirt.
Who knew that a fashion question could turn into something that re-starts my spirit?

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Target
Earrings: F21
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe
Headband: from one of those daily deal newsletters.

 *no this is not a sponsored post by target or urban outfitters or any other retailer.

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Katie said...

I never. ever. mix prints either but I have to say that this looks really good together. you have inspired me. :)

Mandy Jean said...

I think you look fab!!!! I have been dressing so boring lately. Hockey playoffs have been keeping me up late :(

You've challenged me to be more bold :)

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

Amy Willingham said...

I love love this OOTD!! Perfect choice to use with the skirt!

holli said...

well you know that Orange is my favorite color so i am big fan of this outfit! I love it and i would wear it if i had the same pieces.
Britt, you're a sweet sweet girl and thats why i adore you. Dont worry about what other people think. They are followers and not leaders. Be yourself!

Lynne said...

I too have an almost pathological fear of mixing prints. I am not sure I have ever done it. You know what though - I think it works with your outfit! I also think that putting that solid color shrug/jacket with it is what sealed the deal. Not having seen the outfit without it, I guess I can't say for sure - but I think that I like it better with that than I would without that - if that makes sense. And, anyway, who cares what some crazy lady in the Midwest thinks anyway? That's the whole point of the post right? : ) I'll go with you on one more thing ------ I too HATE conflict. Just hate it. It's a-brewin' at the church I go to....and truthfully, some of the reason it has gotten so tense is that, because we don't want to be mean, we don't address things as they come up - we just let the behavior keep going on ----- and then, honestly, I understand why people are baffled to discover that the way they have been doing/not doing/thinking/speaking for years is suddenly a problem. Prayers all around for telling the truth in love! Have a great day.

Amanda said...

I know I suggested a solid color shirt, because I've never mixed prints either, and didn't even think to do it.

But I LOVE the look!! The colors in the top match the skirt perfectly!