Monday, July 23, 2012

chicken salad, gas & human-ness.

Let's begin this story with a briefing of how i have a ton of gas locked inside my body. I promise this ties in with the second part of this post. About four months ago i started experiencing extreme sharp, throbbing pain on my lower right abdominal area. Because they weren't happening on a regular pattern, i put it in the back of my mind. In May, I finally told my Dr. about it and he ordered an ultrasound. I still have my appendix. A month goes by and need to re-order the tests. Get em done (in 2 sessions: one for abdominal/fasting, the other pelvic one with a full bladder!). Kinda worried-could it be a cyst on my ovaries? Could i have a tumor? Is my appendix warming up? 
Get results: 
"No cysts. No tumors. You have alot of gas. so much that we couldn't see your pancreas!" Holy heck! lol...GAS! I have alot of gas! hahahah.

Soo, my nurse tells me that IF the pain continues, that Dr. may order MRI. Time will tell.He comes to check on me next week and will ask him if i can take a OTC (over the counter) anti-gas med. I have to wait to ask him due to red tape..anyhoo, thank God it was nothing serious! But man, those pains,when they happen hurt so bad. Having this amount of gas can be due to various reasons other than what i eat..don't feel like going into that now because i want to get you to part two of this post....

SO i don't know if you know, in case you aren't on twitter, i posted a pic of my din din last friday:

Chicken salad and tomatoes! yummay!

What has the world come to now that we post and talk about what we eat or drink! is really important stuff! This kind of stuff gives you a real glimpse into the lives of each other.

Most of you that read my blog are fellow bloggers, some are not and that's totally OK! But i think sometimes people who are not bloggers, don't get what we do and that's ok too! I also think that in bloggerville, some bloggers compare each other to the "celebrity" bloggers (i honestly did at the beginning) and disregard how AWESOME their own blog is, even if it is has only 34 followers. It doesn't matter if you made it big time or still have a small following..each of us is important. Each of our blogs are an inviting place for others to come to. Some offer humor. Some offer how-to's and helpful tips. Some offer inspiration. Each of us is amazing. each of us is human.

We all mess up. We all poop. We all have our human moments where we cry, get selfish or complain. We get gas. We burp. We feel insecure. We get pimples. we eat too much sugar blah blah etc. you get the point.
Sharing pictures of our new outfit. Or the starbucks drink we are enjoying or the chocolate mustache on our kids's face is showing you the REAL us.[and i'm using we/us in general terms, i dont have any kids]. Those silly pictures are important.

Rather than comparing, I try to embrace everyone in blogland. It might be difficult to not care about the numbers and i try not to, but focusing on the connections you make will be more satisfactory-i promise! Remember that you are loved. Remember that you are pretty darn likeable and amazing! So go ahead and keep on posting those silly, daily-life pictures! I enjoy them and i'll keep on posting mine. Thanks to them for inspiring this post even if that means sharing how i have a slightly embarrassing tale of how i have alot of gas.

it's just the truth yo!


Tygre Caley said...

Haha, I love your transparency and gas stories! ;) SO glad that nothing serious was going on in there!

Holly said...

Great post! I'm a new follower! Ugh, I get sharp pains like that, too! Glad I'm not the only one!

Amanda said...


Lauren said...

I love this post! I think every blogger needs to read this.

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Girl you make me giggle!!!! I to struggle with gas, so we are indeed human!

No(dot dot)el said...

Loved this Britt. Not that you have bad gas but just that you are uniquely YOU and not afraid to talk about gas. Glad nothing was really wrong except for having a lil FarF iG Nugen! I should not be typing words that I don't even know what they really mean but that sounded like a funny way to say Fart!!

anika♥Lee said...

Hi! New follower here... this is a wonderful post - gas & all. :) I feel the very same about small blogs, etc. I am really starting to love blogging so............... come check me out when you have a chance. :)

Pammy said...

Oh B...another reason why I love reading your blog!