Saturday, July 28, 2012

aye go-go

I've been quite busy this past week. I want to say WELCOME and Hello to all my new followers! :) It's nice to meet you! It's crazy how many people joined in on the meet & tweet hop. I am definitely excited to see this little blog of mine grow. It means alot to me that people like what i write..(we all like to feel accepted by our peers, don't we?). What i really appreciate is the sincerity and heartfeltness--is that word? of the people that have taken time to comment on a blog post or email me. So thank you!

Just wanted to check in with you and give you a quick note. I took a nearly 3 hour nap yesterday! THREE hours people!! oh my! I guess i really needed the sleep. I won't have an chance to take another nap til maybe next thurs or friday (for those that don't know, i don't sleep well at all!) could be worse! lol ;)
my snack yesterday afternoon. pop chips & vitamin water in go-go in my "aye chihuahua" cup
I went shopping at Target..tarjshay with my mom today! wow, it was so busy w/people..lots of back to school shoppin goin on. Got some stuff I needed and managed to save $14 with my coupons..thank ya thank ya! that ALWAYS makes me happy.

The next couple of days my social calendar is full as i will be catching up with good friends both between that, i need to wrap up a few birthday gifts as well as make new blog buttons & get some info to my sponsors and those who will be sponsoring me, i am so excited to be making new connections!!!

wishing you all a wonderful rest of the weekend as we finish out July and enter August!!


Pamela said...

Always enjoy reading your blog, girlfriend~

Britta Marie said...

mmm that vitamin water is my fav! and don't you just love when you get great deals at target??

A beautiful feather said...

you have a cute blog.enjoyed reading your follower here.