Sunday, July 15, 2012

TIGF: things im grateful for, on a sunday

Life gets busy. 
Sometimes, i get so wrapped up with what I am doing that I don't see the little blessings in my life. 
Sometimes, I let myself get caught up in the worries of the world (or my world) that I don't take notice of the things I can control and influence.
 I'd like to take some time today to remind myself of some things that light up my life and make my heart smile.

This TIGF is hosted by Laura of Howdy Girl and Ashley & Nathan
of and a DIY life. 
The purpose of this is reflect on what you are thankful for and what you are appreciative of from the week. This is technically supposed to be written/posted on a friday, but why not on a sunday!? :)

In no particular order:

-a hour long conversation with a good friend who i haven't spoken to in four years.(ok not really that long, but it seemed like it lol)
-freshly blended smoothies, thank you HD!
-snail mail from my pastor.
-repetitive stories from my grandpa M. and almost yelling with my 74 year old nana.
-carmex to help aid my cold sore.
-encouragement from my mom.
-God for leading me in the right direction and for instilling in me a giving heart(which i always say More)
-fellowship w/HL and for starbucks.
-girl time & movies w/Maria, my sister & stepmom (2 different times this week).
-having had fancy shmancy Sony headphones gifted by my bro that lasted for six years (they just died this week)
-rain on 2 different days.
-turkey bacon
-feeling pretty darn excited about supporting my 1st official sponsors through passionfruit ads & for blogging in general.
-tacos, salad & rice
-NO now for one thing, means YES to something else better later
-that i happened to come upon channel 8 and see a documentary on Mr. Rogers

what are you thankful for? frivolous or serious?

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