Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIWW & a winner!

Sometimes I have bigger plans set for my day and sometimes, like today, something happens that sets me back, makes me take a time out and that thing was a blasted headache. It started out minimal, but as the morning progressed (i was thinking it would go away), it just got worse and I took some ibuprofen and within 30 minutes, my head was well again. What do you all take if/when you get a bad headache? I have had migraine's before, and i so sympathize with you that do experience migraines often. Thankfully, today's was not a migraine.

I had a lively, funny visit with my grandparents today. My grandpa was feisty: not the usual characteristic he displays. He was ready to go and try to ruffle mine & nana's feathers. It was quite hilarie (hilarious). He said chuckling at one point, "Brittany, we are so old, we don't care"---referring to expired products, with the exception of food.
tanktop: target, dress: mervyn's, earrings: mervyn's, sunglasses: F21
Anyhoo, after the gparents left, I broke down and HAD to take a little nap. I just kept yawning and sleep was overshadowing me. i really didn't want to because i had/have so much to do. oh it felt so nice to sleep for a bit!! I don't mean to complain to you guys, this is just what went on today--the facts of my life.

The winner of the starbucks giftcard giveaway from Danette of All my love for my days is: Kendra!! Congrats girl!!! 

Thank YOU all who entered and helped promote this giveaway! I am sure we'll have another awesome giveaway soon around here.
Take care my friends.


A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Yay! So glad I won :)

Amy W. said...

i found u via follwoing my blog!! i must say i love love ur blog!!!

im going to read more because im very interested in your blog!!

i may comment like cray cray :))

Amy W. said...

i just came across ur blog via u following me!

U girl are my hero!! i love reading about struggles in my blog friends lives and how they live on a day to day basis and i cant wait to read more and more about u!!!