Monday, July 9, 2012

containing a juicy fact

didn't know really what to write about today...ever have those days where you aren't completely inspired or motivated and there's just alot going on in your mind??..well that was me today! soooo, ya'll get a vlog from me! It just might contain a juicy fact about me that might shock you! Enter: GASP! SIGH! WOW!

See, we are probably really alike? yes? no? 
help me feel better about myself lol just kidding.
farewell for now my friends.


Alli said...

Haha! I do it too. Especially at the library. Also, I love To Kill A Mockingbird. I should buy myself a copy.

Oh, and I just noticed you already have the Sunshine Award...sorry, I awarded it to you again today on my blog. :)

Kelly said...

Oh I completely agree girl! You can totally "feel" things about people!!! DEFINITELY!!!
I love when you do VLOGS!!!

Danette Dillon said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books of all time! Are you enjoying it?