Thursday, July 19, 2012

who i am, who you are

I originally had a doctor's appointment to get my trache changed, which is routine and painful, but my doctor's office called me yesterday to reschedule, so instead of doing that, I get to have fun doing blogging stuff today! yay! I'll have to do a write up of the whole trache change experience. Just another part of living life being ventilator dependent.

So friends, I just want to say [again] how thankful I am to be part of the blogging world. I feel so cool! lol. When people ask me what do i do? How do i spend my time? I confidently tell them, "I am a blogger." Do people ever ask you these kinds of questions? Alot of people don't "get" what we do and what the community is all about. Some get the facial expression that it's not "alot of work" or not that "valuable", but i totally disagree!

Being a blogger is another title to the list of things that i do that help make me who i am. Not only am I a blogger, but i am a cardmaker, a crafter, a letter scriber, a photographer, a makeup artist ;), a friend, a internet junkie, a reader, a daughter of strong parents, a writer, a tv watcher, a indie music & coffee snob, a bargain shopper, a couponer, a believer, a sister, a list maker, a day dreamer, a movie watcher/reviewer, a baker, but most importantly a child of God.

Within God's kingdom, I find my worth. I know who i am. My pastor often reminds me, "it's not what you do, but who you are."

I love being a blogger because I get to meet so many awesome, different people. I get to learn about different lives, perspectives and attitudes. Not only the differences, but I discover common things we like or similar beliefs we hold. I get to find out who you are through your blog. And I've "talked" with some AMAZING people!

I can tell you that i absolutely LOVE being a blogger and all of the other things I mentioned. But, i LOVE being a child of God. I love that even though i am not perfect by the world's standards, I am perfect in His eyes. I know I am loved by my Heavenly Father as well as my family and friends. This love, gives me confidence and makes me extend that love & kindness to others.

I want to take a moment to introduce you to some women I've "met" in blogland, who are also some of my sponsors. They have extended love & kindness to me. Each of these unique ladies hold so much creativity, warmth and friendliness. They each help make the blogging experience better for all who know them! They are part of a community of sisters &/or brothers supporting and uplifting each other. Sorry to get so sappy on ya, but it's true! Take a minute to check them out or visit them & say Hello & that Bee Littlequeen sent you!

of Life as Young Mom

Hi dolls, I'm Jazmine and I blog over at "Life As A Young Mom". I'm a wife, mommy to two beautiful little boys and a fur momma to a chihuahua name "Bonecrusher" (don't judge me on the name) lol. I'm a full time worker and student working on my bachelor's degree for Healthcare Management. I should be done by summer of 2014. I'm also the Co-Author of Delicious Treats by Sweet Girls, which is a food blog that I share with 2 of my fellow coworkers. I love to cook, bake, read, SHOP, and of course spend time with my boys, family and friends. 
Feel free to stop by look around and stay a while.  

of Feeding My Temple

I'm Allison. A 26 year old mom and wife. Follower of Jesus. Sister to 2. Living in Oklahoma. Feeding My Temple follows my life as I try to balance feeding my body, mind and spirit with the Word, fitness, and amazing food.

of the Houtz House Party

I am a wife to my best friend and a stay at home mama to 4 little people. Our oldest son just turned 3. We have 19 month old twin boys and our little lady is 5 months old! I love to share the daily crazy here with lots of photos and stories about our little family. I also share favorite recipes, “fashiony” things as I learn them (that is like starting from square ONE for me, let me just WARN you now!) and my ever evolving faith in Jesus journey.

of A Proverbs 31 Wife

 Hello Bee Little Queen readers! I am Kendra and I blog at A Proverbs 31 Wife. I blog about life as a wife and home maker. So that means if you were to visit one day I may have a yummy recipe for you. The next day it could be a cool craft, and the next day... well, you get the idea. :) I love the Lord and my family so there will often be a sprinkling of both in my posts as well. 
I know some people like to be invited so here it is, your official invitation.

of Measure Once, Cut Twice

Hi there! My name is Hilary and I'm a craftaholic. My free time is spent creating DIY projects and posting them over on my blog. I just opened an online store called Measure Once, Cut Twice {The Shop}. We are a full service dye-cut printing shop here to serve those without a dye-cut machine like a Silhouette or Cricut. My goal for this shop was to offer super low pricing for personalized images. I'm talking super low, like less than $.04 per square inch of vinyl low. We are willing to cut anything and everything that our machines are capable of cutting, just ask! Here is a code for $5 off your $30 purchase. Also, all new customers can use the code NewbieLove to receive an extra 10% off!


Pamela said...

Oh yes - when people ask me what I am doing with my summer days and I say "blog", I get this glazed over look. lol Unless you live in blogland, you won't get it.

Kelly said...

Thank you so much girl!!! YOU are SUPER sweet!!! Love ya!

Lauren said...

I found you through Measure Once, Cut Twice's blog and I'm so glad I did. I skimmed through couple of posts and your blog just seems so full of happiness and LIFE! You seem like someone I would love to get to know better! (That didn't sound too stalkerish did it?) :P

No(dot dot)el said...

The blogging community truly is SO great! I sure am happy to have met YOU Britt through this blogging community.

Julie Marie said...

i love your heart..and everything you said about who you are...a child of God.. first and foremost.

Tygre Caley said...

"Within God's kingdom, I find my worth." Love that! And thanks for introducing us to more lovely ladies!

Lieke said...

Hi Britt, I found you via the Meet & tweet link up and you have another follower! I must say that when reading your blog I see a lot of things of myself in your blog, so that is very cool! I am a newby blogger and I love it! Like it is awesome to meet all these new inspiring people, and you are one of them! Can't wait to get to know you better via your blog!