Sunday, July 1, 2012

sunday's stuff

Well well well...sorry i haven't been around, my social calendar has been full since thursday. I am just a social butterfly!

SO this weekend...
i had SUCH a great day with my mama yesterday out shoppin! I was a little perturbed that the lady at Ulta didn't inform me that i was like 50 cents away from a $15 total so I COULD HAVE USED my $5 off $15 purchase coupon....HELLO!!! I calculated my purchases, but one of the nail polishes i got rang up at 1.99 instead of 2.99, that's why i was under $15...oh well!! Next time i will ask/check the cashier.

I FINALLY got the book, To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee. I've never read it and am up to chapter 5. I am enjoying it already and surprised that in the first chapter or two there was foul/derogatory language! But the young narrator of the story, Scout, cracks me up. I have literally laughed out loud at least twice.

Oh and do you recognize this fellow??
It's george washington!! I spotted him as we went to eat on thursday after seeing, Snow white & the huntsmen and this time he had a couple friends visiting with him! I hadn't seen him in over two months, but he was in the exact same spot as where i first met him! It seemed to have taken him a minute to remember me, but he did and was asking me all kinds of questions. We chatted for a few and i told him i'd make a copy of this picture and give it to him next time i'm at the mall and hope to spot him again.

Elisa and i each got a pretty scented item @ victoria's secret for cheap, thanks to their semi-annual sale. We are headed back to the mall later this week for more bargain shopping, time to start Christmas shopping now when things are discounted more than 50%!! I am one of those people that has 50% of their shopping done by Decemeber 1st. 

I just don't like to be in a hurry and wait last minute, plus it's quite time consuming wrapping, putting together packages, making handmade Christmas cards (usually for my immediate family), making handmade cards for customers AND writing/addressing store bought Christmas cards to loved ones. Little by little i say. When do you start christmas shopping? Do you send Christmas cards too? Some of you probably don't even want to think about Christmas yet lol, which reminds me, I am participating in Christmas in July and im sooo excited! my swapper blogger's name is Britta of the boots parade. I can't wait to get to know her! I love her name too! I've been spying on her blog, well not really, since she knows i am her swapper blogger lol.

Another thing,
Do you believe in half-birthdays? I do! My cousin S makes fun of me because i get excited about my half birthday and i told my mom yesterday about July 14th-my half birthday and she chuckled that that was funny that i count that day as special! So since it's officially the month of July, the countdown is on for the 14th of July!  In honor of celebrating birthdays (and maybe that day or this month is YOUR actual birthday or half birthday?) and the awesomeness that we each hold, i'll be having a little giveaway just for kicks so you can celebrate with me. Sound like fun? I think so!

I just got my toes did. they are a melon color. the ulta color is called peach parfait. I like it much. my 'stylist'  <----it's a joke (there's no way i could afford a stylist lol),  sofia, polished my nails and also curled my hair earlier today, making me pretty.

I also want to say how sometimes the best things come at the most unexpected moments! God is so good and my heart is happy for the future, even when things in life aren't perfect.

That is all for now. happy rest of the weekend.


kendra said...

Oh Britt! me too! I love to have my shopping done early! The problem I started running into is the fact that with 4 different families we get together with, many times have our get togethers in January and I make myself wait until after Christmas to buy, that way I can take advantage of the great clearances.

Tif said...

LOVE the toe color!!! Thanks for following me! I'm following you back! XOXO