Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July reveal!

I love the gift of giving! And I was SO super excited to participate in Christmas in July hosted by Cecilia of Dearest Lou, Alyx of Everyday is a new adventure and Daryl of Roots, Wings and other things.


I was paired up with Britta of The Boots Parade! She's living an adventure in Costa Rica with her bf and CUTE baby dog Rocco, but is from new jersey! Also, her fashion sense is so chic & cute! and we both secretly like this song! It was fun stalking her blog and emailing back and forth about things she liked and just getting to know her a bit. She's such a warm, caring & beautiful person. I enjoyed shopping for her.

When I read her list of things that she liked, i thought, "oh this is gonna be easy and fun to shop for her". My mind was buzzing with cute little things to maybe get her while sticking to the $10-20 budget. It was funny too because she emailed me and told me that when she read my list of things she thought, "she likes the same things i like. shopping for her will be like shopping for me!" lol.

can i just say that I LOVE her name: Britta Marie. almost twins! ;)

alright so let's get on to the AWESOME package that she sent me!!

it's arrived early!!

opening my christmas gift!! haha
ooh la la, all kinds of goodies including the BEST costa rican coffee
OMG it's my name on yummy chocolate! soo cool! (i really did shriek too)
i love paper products and two pretty lip balms/colors to try! sweet!
aren't these SO cute & colorful! Love em. I NOW really want to go to the farmer's market, which i LOVE btw.
all my lovely treats!!
& a whimsy magnet from costa rica! awesome!
 THANK YOU BRITTA! so much for my Christmas package! everything was so thoughtful. I love it all. Merry Christmas!


anika♥Lee said...

That is such a super FUN idea. I need to find these while they're still going on sometime. :) What a fun package!!!!

Alyx said...

what a great package!! Thank you for linking up and participating, Britt!!

lissa said...

I like the chocolate with your name. funny that your swap partner almost have the same name.

have a great day.

No(dot dot)el said...

Ha that's funny that your buddy had the same name. Mmm the coffee sounds amazing and straight from Costa Rica no less. I bet it WAS amazing! So great.