Friday, July 6, 2012

friday's letters #dos

it's friday evening and i've just eaten dinner. we had meatloaf, green beans and potatoes..oh yum! I also had myself a cup of iced coffee this afternoon, thanks to Noel for the inspiration ;) we are like on the same page! no pun intended lol. Oh and did i tell you I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird? Are you reading anything currently? what are you reading?

i'm gonna write this post and then go watch Amanda's vlog about things we've all probably thought about (i have!) and what really matters in blogging. I want to be like her in blogging for good! Using our influence for good. I think I am doing a swell of a job so far?

Dear nap, oh it was sooo nice! I've been on the go and out & about this past week and it was just nice to stay home and kinda not do anything. I needed you. i was plain tired.

Dear java-chip-frap-light-with-half-the-chips, you were delicious! I like the little crunch you provide with the chocolate chips & blended ice. you're just sweet enough for me and even though i don't order you often, you're still one of my faves.

Dear God, Thank you for hearing my prayers. I am so glad that you are always there for me, whether i am giddy or feeling low about myself, i can feel your care and comfort. Also, thank you for watching over my loved ones, they mean so much to me.

Dear sparklers, you provided cheap entertainment and made my 4th of july night. I felt like I was a part of harry potter's gang. I channeled my inner Hermoine.  you sparkle so pretty.

Dear mom, you make me laugh. I am sorry about "pancake's" prob last night lol. we'll talk this weekend. i love you.

Dear Christina, I am so glad we became friends! more like sister-friends! dontcha think? I love girl talk and your positive attitude! Distance doesn't matters, it's all heart-to-heart.

Dear lady at the mall, you def have the light of Christ in you. Thank you for your kind words even though you scared me when you patted my shoulder. sorry i jumped! I don't know your name, but a smile is sent your way.

Dear HL, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you're having an amazing day! I look forward to seeing you & our friend next week after your trip! We'll have lots of fun! You're a beautiful person and a wonderful friend! Cheers to many more!



Danette Dillon said...

I love sparklers!

Bubble My Licorice said...

this post is amaing :)
I love your blog!!