Wednesday, July 4, 2012

what i wore: the fourth day of july

Happy Birthday America! All across the land we love, we celebrate you, our freedoms and individuality! 
Thank you to the persons who serve in the military and to their families for their sacrifice!
Thank you Jesus for life! 

To paraphrase my pastor, 
    "your victory/freedom is already gauranteed by the Cross!"

Lots of bloggers are joining in on the celebration with a fun link up called Red, white & you hosted by four famous {imo}, lovely bloggers:

Laura of Our Reflection
Kimberly of A night Owl
Courtney of Baxtron life

You may be visiting from one of their blogs, so I'd like to welcome YOU to my little space of the internet, Bee Littlequeen! I am Brittany and like to write about lots of things from my coffee addiction to bargain shopping, my faith journey to family & friends, my attempts at crafting well to makeup reviews or tutorials! 

In honor of today, here's a couple scenes of how i did my makeup, what i wore and what i saw...

lipstick: MAC lady danger

earrings:alongfortheride//dress: maggie's farmm

tonight, with caution of course!!