Tuesday, July 17, 2012

weekend re-cap

Saturday night i didn't have any set plans..let's be honest, i never really do. I was flicking the channels and came across a movie starting on abcfamily.com and guess what is was?? EDWARD SCISSORHANDS!! 
 I hadn't seen that movie in years and well,I love Johnny Depp and so i watched it. I never realized how colorful the movie is..both literally the neighborhood in the movie and the clothes the characters wear. It's a deep contrast between where Edward lives and looks and wears. I love the mom, Peg, in the movie who sees past edward's facial scars and obvious not normal hands and tries to fix him up with her Avon products.. lol cracks me up. I think if i were to be a character in that movie,it would be the mom. She's so kind, nurturing, and accepting. She's doesn't gossip as much as her women neighbors and doesn't judge so quickly.

then sunday, i spent the afternoon with my stepmom and sister.  We had a lazy lounge clothes, eating, watching movie, girl chat kind of day. 
comfy slippers! I love my sister's, leopard print! ah

showing off our lazy clothes and slightly messy up do's

We ended up watching The Vow! awhhh that movie was good but summed up in one word: bittersweet. It just strikes my heart how the husband Leo, vowed to love his wife no matter what, even if she couldn't remember him.

Then monday afternoon, I met with two of my good friends, E and L, sisters, and L's two kids. We took the kiddos to play and run around.

It was fun to see them all again. The babies sure got tired out as they fell asleep in the car on the way back to my house, but man, i got tired out too! lol and i wasn't even jumping around.

And that my friends bring us to today, which has been productive. Not only have i been writing this post, but also replying to emails, tweeting, entering giveaways (because they are fun & do take time), reading other super cute lovely blogs, working on a post to highlight my swapper sponsors, recorded a vlog for friday's coffee date, planning for the next couple of weeks and gonna do Bible study. Phew!

Come back tomorrow because I am going to announce the winner of the starbucks giftcard giveaway from Danette of all my love for all my days!

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