Friday, July 20, 2012

coffee date: questions answered

Hello lovelies! Here I am today with another vlog for our coffee date!! Linking up again with Alissa of Rags to Stiches! I am excited to check out your posts and see what you are sharing today. Also, hope you don't mind that I came in my comfy clothes: an american eagle tee and pajama shorts from target!

If you watched or saw my post, last week's coffee date i opened up the mic, or is it, the box?, the gallery?, whatever! you know what i mean, right? to you to ask me any question or two that you want!


This vlog is dedicated to answering some questions that one of my awesome readers asked me! I am SO excited and sort of nervous as to the response i'll get to answering these questions, some personal[and really, should i care? NO], but i do like feedback and comments lol! But i am way more excited to share this "girl talk" with you...want to meet me back here next friday for more girlfriend time!? sharing our hearts and thoughts. Let's!


Alli said...

Guess what? I have three stars tattooed on me and they are for each of my siblings!

Amanda said...

Hey girl hey.

Stopping in to check up on you. Been awhile. Been a wee bit missing from blog world. But I'm trying to get all caught up now.

Hope all is well!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

I can't believe I am just now getting over here. Shame, Shame on ME!! HI Britt!! So great to hear your beautiful voice say my name. "Say my name, Say My Name" loving the gloss btw, you look amaizng!
#1 I have never seen Rat Race. Shock! My mom loves I mean LOVES Mr. Bean how could I have missed this funny one? LOVE Walk to Remember, but also shocking for me is that I haven't read that book, very unusual for me. Napoleon...
#2 I much prefer books too. We are words people that's prolly why.
#3 Love the tattoo idea. If you ever travel this way, we will hook you up. DId you know My Giant is a tattoo artist?
#4 To hear you talk about your disease makes me Love you even more, because you are so , SO amazing. Such the Rock Star and so positive! You make me want to live better... for real! If I could like or follow you twice I would ;)
#5 YAY blogging!!
#6 I really wanted you to answer this one FIRST... Sheesh!! Make me wait til the end you lil stinker! And Ohhh Tall Dark and Handsome.... Ha ha ha not hard you lil 4" lady to a get a taller dude. I pray God brings all that and MORE into your life. You make the list girl. I am believing for you, WITH you for that man of faith, who will pick ya up and cause you to draw closer to God. YOU are so amazing... any man would be so blessed to have you as their life partner.
For real... you are so fantastic Britt! I Just love you.
Will you marry Me? hee hee hee ;)

Kelly said...

LOL! Noel totally cracked me up in her comments but she's right! YOU ARE AWESOME! I LOVE your vlogs girl! LOVE them!!!!! I LOVE the star idea! I dont' have any tats but i would LOVE something for my kids if i could figure out what i would want. And Noel's Giant is a tatoo artist? REason #999 we need to all be neighbors!! LOL LOVE you my Britt Britt!!!